Novel, glamorous, and sustainable feminine protection

Expertly blending Swedish design with Parisian fashion, BeautyWaps are premium reusable sanitary pads
that embody comfort and couture for the woman who chooses a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

BeautyWaps come in four sizes and a wide range of patterns. Simply choose the ones that suit you best, according to your flow and your fashion preferences.

BeautyWaps are made for women who:

bullet Prefer a comfortable and ethical alternative to disposable sanitary products

bullet Like to stay feminine and who favor comfort and sensuality

bullet Have sensitive skin and want to prevent irritations

bullet Expect a reliable, high-quality product

bullet Want to feel at ease and free in their movements

bullet Want to reduce waste

bullet Desire to save money

bullet Wish to lead a sustainable lifestyle

BeautyWaps - it’s so easy!
They go in the washing machine and are then ready to use again and again...