The environmental impact


Waste reduction

BeautyWaps targets schoolgirls from poor families, who often live in slums where municipal waste management is nonexistent. In most slums, more than 100 people share one latrine, and accessing a distant latrine can be dangerous at night. This leads to sanitation problems and diseases such as cholera. In addition, since there is no system for waste removal in these informal settlements, household waste—plastic bags, bottles and food scraps—is piled up and burned near the houses. BeautyWaps’ reusable sanitary pads don’t add to the waste problem.

With the BeautyWaps, 99% of the hygienic product waste is eliminated. 

Components healthier for people and for the environment

The BeautyWaps pads are made of soft cotton for the side in contact with the body, no materials are added contrary to the disposable products. Disposable pads have several subtances that are added in order to ajust their colors, smell, absorption capacity, to make them more attractive from a marketing perspective. These substances have consequences on the health and the well-being of women (find out more with our article on Zero Waste). The schoolgirls will now be less prone to develop infections and will be more comfortable in their bodies.