The Déesse Padma reusable sanitary pads –
how does it work?

Safe, easy and convenient

Our pads are made to be comfortable and convenient.


Wash the pads before the first use: several people have touched them in the production and logistics chain before they end up with you, so it's more hygienic to wash them. Moreover, washing the textile opens the fibres and make it more absorbing : your pads will be more efficient.


To place the pad you should see the flannel side with the seams. That's the side that will be in contact with your skin and it's quite comfortable because the flannel is super soft! The label is placed against the underwear. That way it won't itch.


After use, fold the pad into an envelope with the blood inside. It will be leak-proof, so you can carry it in your pocket, in a case or a bag.


To wash your pads, unfold them and place them to soak in water for 30 min. Then wash them. Hand wash or machine wash, it's up to you! Feel free to wash your pads in 60°C, because even though blood coagulates, it washes well. However, the blood also gets washed away by 40°C.

4 powers to choose from

An ergonomic collection, reusable sanitary pads for every flow

Gamme Déesse Padma - 4 tailles

Power 1 :
Our pantiliner for a light flow, while waiting for your period or for spotting. A perfect complement to a menstrual cup.

Power 2 :
Our bestseller, for a moderate flow

Power 3 :
For a heavy flow, its length protects well in the front and in the back.

Power 4 :
For a very heavy flow and a good protection at night. A great maternity pad after giving birth.

Efficient, safe and intelligently protective

The Déesse Padma sanitary pads are made of a unique combination of high performing textiles.

tissus performants

Healthy and comfortable, for your well-being

No chemicals, no chlorine, no perfume

All our textiles and press studs are OekoTex certified.

Our reusable sanitary pads prevent rashes, reduce smells and stay hygienic wash after wash.

Sustainable for your purse and for the planet, the perfect zero waste accessory!