Completing, not competing!

Do you prefer the menstrual cup or reusable sanitary pads? Why not both?

When I present BeautyWaps people often want my opinion on the menstrual cup. I think it's a great product and that it completes the reusable pads as a holistic solution for healthy, comfortable, ecological and economic period protections.

            I recently had the pleasure to speak to a Ruby Cup staff member, Amaia Arranz. After the surprise of how many people we know in common in Sweden and Kenya, the conversation turned to business practices in Europe and Africa. I was grateful for Amaia's openness, sharing insights she's gained from being in the period business for several years. Of course period practices from a menstrual cup point of view differ from the reusable pads perspective, in terms of user experience, preferences, as well as challenges. But the things we have in common are the social commitment, the ecological concern and the determination of making healthy, convenient and comfortable period protection available to all women.

            So my recommendation is: don’t choose between the cup and the BeautyWaps. Try both to find the best combination, for each day and for you!


By Marie Aichagui


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