The birth of BeautyWaps

The original tailor tells how BeautyWaps were invented, by Rebeka Carlsson, tailor

"I've always loved period protection


Even before I got my first period I had read everything I could find on the topic : the period itself, the female cycle, different protections. When free samples of sanitary pads arrived in the mail box, it was a great moment of joy for me. The problem with all period protections was that they didn't get along with my body, no matter which brand, model or size. The pads gave me rashes on the skin. Classical diaper rashes. Itching red spots that irritated the skin 24/7. It's a pain when you have a period that lasts for five or six days, but when I had given birth to my second son and had postpartum discharge, bleeding after giving birth, during eight weeks, it got unbearable.


Tampons were no better. Tampons not only absorb menstrual blood, but all moisture surrounding it. Even the smallest size made my mucus so dry that it felt like tearing open a wound each time I had to change. I feared every change. I had to choose between itching rashes and tearing open a wound in my inside.


When my fifth son was newly born 2008, I was active on a parents forum on the Internet and I stumble on a discussion about cloth sanitary pads. Even though I had used cloth diapers for my children the idea had never struck me that there could be sanitary pads made of cloth. I immediately felt this would be the answer! I knew how big a difference it made to a child's skin to wear diapers made of cloth instead of plastic, so I understood it must be the same for sanitary pads.


I immediately started to search the web for cloth pads and bought a test package from one of the more established producers. The pads arrived after a few days and my expectations were high when trying them on. I got very disappointed.


The pads didn't fit, they were short and thick and were very uncomfortable. After the first wash they completely lost their shape. They were impossible to use without feeling great discomfort and it didn't feel safe.


But I was still convinced that the idea with cloth pads was fantastic, even if the product I had ordered wasn't good. So I decided I could do it better myself! I wanted to do a pad that was comfortable, thin and that I would feel safe wearing. As outer layer as safety barrier to prevent leakage I choose fleece, because I wanted a fabric that keeps moisture out, that also breathes and which isn't expensive. And it's possible to find fleece in lots of different colours and patterns. It should be fun to have your period! So I bought a fleece blanket on sale. To get the absorbing material I took the inside flannel layer of a cloth diaper. This was the first prototype of the medium size BeautyWaps. The pad was just the right size, it kept me dry day and night, it didn't leak, it was incredibly comfortable and it kept its shape wash after wash. The pattern is still the same today as for that first pad. Perfection at the first try!


I gave my very first pads to my sister to get someone else's opinion and she used them every month for five years before her dog got hold of them and tore them apart – ouch! She says it's the best period protection she's ever used.


After a couple of years I started sewing them commercially and started getting inquiries about larger sizes and about inlays. That resulted in sizes Small, Large and Super, designed on clients' requests. It has always been a great satisfaction to create a new product to enable each and every woman to have a pad which suits her needs."


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