The first steps to setting up the Kenyan production

We collected a little more than 10 000€ in the crowdfunding BeautyWaps for Girls' Education and now the project is starting!

The first step was to buy a camera to document the project. Then we hired an experienced Kenyan tailor, Susan Chepchumba, who had already sewn reusable pads for another brand. Now we were ready to purchase the required equipment, first and foremost good quality sewing machines: a straight stich machine for the basic assembly and an over lock machine for a high quality finish.


Then the remaining material to start sewing the waps was purchased. That included chairs, tables, sewing accessories and the fabrics.


Now it was time for Susan to get instructions from Rebeka, the original waps designer and tailor living in Sweden. The training was made via Skype video call.



After receiving the instructions Susan put what was taught into practice.


Now we're eager to perfection the quality and get up to speed sewing the waps!


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