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- You receive a printed t-shirt "UNITED for education" and a project brochure - A Kenyan schoolgirl receives a feminine hygiene kit like on the picture This unisex t-shirt enables a girl to go to school even during her period, through the project BeautyWaps for Girls' Education:for each t-shirt a Kenyan schoolgirl receives a feminine hygiene kit. Want to donate a kit only? Size guide

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Enjoy always having clean and efficient cloth wipes available!   This kit contains - 1 cloth wipe with paisley print - 1 cloth wipe with hen print - 1 cloth wipe with pineapple print

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The essential for a cosy and ecological maternity.   6 nursing pads – super soft, protect the skin and with reliable anti-leakage 3 reusable sanitary pads – hypoallergenic for very heavy bleeding 10 double-sided cleaning wipes – super soft (flannel side) and effective (terry side) A beautiful cloth bag in organic cotton

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The base for the menstrual cycle with one reusable sanitary pad for each type of flow.     La base pour le cycle menstruel avec une serviette hygiénique lavable pour chaque type de flux. 1 Power 1 pad – the pantiliner 1 Power 2 pad for a moderate flow 1 Power 3 pad for a heavy flow 1 Power 4 pad for a very heavy flow

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